Andinoacara pulcher

Andinoacara pulcher
Blue Acara
The blue acara, Andinoacara pulcher is a very colorful freshwater fish in the cichlid family. This fish can be found in Central and South America, from Panama to Colombia. They can reach lengths of 20 centimetres. Its name Andinoacara pulcher, is indicative to its looks; pulcher meaning "beautiful." The Blue Acara is a common cichlid sold in many pet stores and they are often confused with or sold as Green Terrors (Andinoacara rivulatus).
The body is stocky and compact with a steel blue-gray coloration. There are noticeable horizontal green lines on their faces and their blueish-green scales give them a sparkling appearance. They also have long flowing fins with a hint of orange to the tips.
Blue Acaras natively live in a tropical climate and prefer water with a pH of 6.5-8.0, a water hardness of 25° dGH, and a water temperature of 22–30 °C

鱼体呈纺锤形,稍侧扁,尾鳍扇形,后缘平直。头部较长,体色为浅灰蓝色,体侧稍黄,腹部则为稍蓝的黄色,幼鱼有横条花纹,成熟时全身布满整齐的浅蓝色小斑点,特别是其头部,在光线照射下闪闪发光,十分美丽。雌雄不难辨别,雄鱼背鳍、臀鳍较长,末端尖,雌鱼性成熟时腹部较膨胀。 体格健壮,容易饲养,对水质要求不严格,喜欢弱酸性或中性水,水温20~25℃生长良好。食性杂,喜食动物性饵料。