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Etroplus maculatus

Etroplus maculatus
Orange Chromide Cichlid
Orange chromides are one of the few brackish water cichlids that hail from Asia and grow to only 4 inches. It is described to be slightly oval in shape with body coloration from orange to yellow.
Chromides inhabit brackish rivers and lagoons in India and Sri Lanka. For this case, the salinity level must be maintained above 1.009. A tank bare minimum of 15 gallons furnished with several rocks, woods (to imitate mangrove roots) and sand or coral sand for substrate is recommended. Javan ferns, vallisnerias and Java moss are a few plants that can tolerate slightly brackish water conditions.
Chromides are peaceful and non-destructive cichlids that can be kept in a brackish water community tank. Start with a small group of six juveniles and let them pair up as they mature. The pairs form monogamous bonds and later nuclear families. 
Suitable tankmates include scats, monos, Celebes rainbowfish, other rainbowfish that tolerate brackish water conditions, mollies, guppies, glass fish, halfbeaks and bumblebee gobies.
Sexual dimorphism may not be totally obvious. Males have a red edge to their anal dorsal and caudal fins and generally have brighter colors.