Apistogramma viejita

Apistogramma viejita
Viejita Apistogramma
The Viejita is found in Rio Orinoco basin, in the upper Rio Meta drainage in Colombia. They are a peaceful, easy to keep Apistogramma if it's requirements are met. They require a densely planted tank with lots of hideouts. Best kept in pairs or a single male with a few females in a large species tank (60-80cm). Peat filtration is necessary, the water should be at least slightly acidic, and soft. Frequent waterchanges are recommended. In juveniles the difference is hard to see. The females show some color as well, although in fully grown fish the males are much more colorful. Besides that the males have an extended dorsal fin. Viejita accept flake food requires frozen and living food to breed.
This fish is best bred in pairs, as opposed to other Apistos. In soft peat filtered water the fish will spawn, raising the temperature in combination with frequent small waterchanges may induce spawning. Around 40 eggs are laid by the pair, which are guarded by the female. The fry are easy to raise, and can immediately be fed artemia nauplii. The fry grow very slow, and mature after a year. 

维吉塔短鲷为马克短鲷族群(Macmasteri Group)的成员之一,主要分布在哥伦比亚的梅塔河(Rio Meta)。分布范围虽然不大,但是不同分布区域产生的差异性可以由色彩区分成为3种类型。