Apistogramma nijsseni

Apistogramma nijsseni
Panda Apistogramma
Nijsseni's Dwarf Cichlid is found in Amazon River basin, in the Carahuayte River drainage, a tributary to the Ucayali River. It should be kept in a well planted aquarium with free areas to swim on. Make sure to provide a lot of caves among roots and rocks. Keep on male with 3-4 females. The fish can be combined with other fish, although no other species of Apistogramma should be present in the tank.
Nijsseni's Dwarf Cichlid accept flake food but should not be fed this as their stable diet. They are best fed frozen and live food.
Breeding is more difficult. Extremely soft and acidic water, low in bacteria, should be provided. The fish will spawn in a hole, and the female will defend the eggs and the up to 60 fry against possible intruders. The fry are sensitive, frequent small waterchanges should be conducted. It's best to paint the bootom of the tank black, and to refrain from using any kind of substrate. Daily removal of all foodremains and other pollutants from the tank is required. The fry will immediately accept artemia nauplii at the free swimming stage. As long as the mother is kept with the fry, no Daphnia should be given, since she'll get confused, and may start to eat the fry and guard the Daphnia.