Apistogramma hongsloi

Apistogramma hongsloi
Red Stripe Apistrogramma
Apistogramma hongsloi are fairly robust dwarf cichlids that comes from the tropical lowlands in the eastern parts of Columbia. The most popular color strains of A. hongsloi are among the most colorful of all freshwater fish. These strains are entirely domestic and are the result of extensive line breeding. It is also possible that specialized foods are utilized to attain the brilliant reds and yellows. It has been reported that the most colorful imports have been raised on a diet of cyclops, a tiny crustacean and rich in color enhancing pigments.
 Apistogramma hongsloi are generally easy to care for and require no extraordinary conditions. Pairs are usually good parents and typical Apistogramma breeding techniques are generally successful.

女王短鲷最终于1979年被Sven Kullander 博士命名。 平时应当饲养在有水草和隐蔽物的鱼缸中,放几片榄仁叶,不但可以改良水质,还可以预防疾病。 女王短鲷一般照顾比较简单,没有特殊要求。平时可饲喂孵化的丰年虫,冰冻血虫,薄片和颗粒饲料。雄鱼有着鲜亮的外表,雌鱼和所有apisto属的母鱼一样,发情的时候会有鲜黄的体色。亲鱼通常都是很好的父母,而且天生都有很好的带仔鱼的技术。大约一个半月左右仔鱼就可以完全脱离亲鱼独自生活了。