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Placidochromis electra

Placidochromis electra
Deep Water Hap
Placidochromis electra has been a mainstay in the hobby for many years. It has been reclassified in recent years, being previously named Haplochromis Jahni or "Deep Water Hap." The latter name was applied to this cichlid because it was believed until recently that its niche was restricted to deep water, but now it is known to occur at depths deeper than just 7 meters. Food is scooped from the surface of the sand (not dug) after being exposed by digging foragers, in manner similar to that of C. moorii and P. phenochilus

P. electra differs from these others in its foraging behavior in that it does not follow behind a forager that it claims as a "host," but rather is attracted to stirred up sediment. It behaves as an opportunistic feeder, rushing from one "dust cloud" to the next. Fish belonging to this species are not territorial in the wild or in the aquarium. Mouthbrooding females occur in the same areas as those where both non-brooding females and males in breeding coloration forage. P. electra wanders through the aquarium or its natural habitat, never staying at any particular spot for more than a minute.

他们在原产地马拉维湖中以沙土中的各种杂物为食(估计主要以藻类为主),但是他们一般不会自己挖开沙子寻找食物,他们会跟踪另外的像雪花豹等具有较好挖沙技巧的鱼只,不劳而获他们翻出来的各种可以吃的东西。蓝宝石(Placidochromis phenochilus)或者蓝茉莉也有类似的习性,区别是他们是吃沙子里面藏匿的小型生物,而紫水晶是吃别的鱼挖出来、在水里浮游的沉淀物。紫水晶的食性是彻底的机会主义食性(opportunistic feeder),在马湖里经常看到紫水晶在"沉淀物烟尘"里面游来游去的样子。