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Nimbochromis polystigma

Nimbochromis polystigma
Hyena Cichlid
Nimbochromis polystigma is one of five species of the Nimbochromis genus of Lake Malawi, in the Great Rift Valley system of Africa. Usually, it includes the dubious "species" N. maculimanus and N. pardalis. Some authors include N. polystigma in N. linni as a subspecies. Occurring throughout the lake, Nimbochromis polystigma is a piscivorous fish, often preying upon juvenile cichlids. The local name for the fish is Kaligono, meaning 'sleeper' in the chiCheŵa language. It shares this name with other Nimbochromis species due to their hunting technique, which involves lying motionless on the bottom, sometimes on its side as if feigning death, until small fish approach to investigate, then pouncing on the prey. When hunting this way their colour will fade, apparently as the whiter colour attracts more small cichlids. They will also sometimes launch ambush attacks on small fish from the cover of vegetation, with their colouration acting as disruptive camouflage.
Like most Lake Malawi cichlids, Nimbochromis polystigma is a mouthbrooder, with the female carrying her young in her mouth for two to three weeks before being released.Nimbochromis polystigma is a relatively peaceful species, as long as its cohabitants are not small enough to be considered prey. It's an enthusiastic feeder, and will eat all of the usual foods given to cichlids, and has the rather endearing habit of leaping from the water to try to get at food or fingers.
In aquaria it can grow to 23 cm , and requires a large aquarium and can be kept with other haplochromines and most mbuna. It is best to have some rocks for them to hide in when threatened, but they also need room to swim.

这种鱼在习性上和外形上非常的相似花鯛(學名:Nimbochromis livingstoni)。多斑点鯛的游泳速度非常快,饲养他们需要非常大的鱼缸。喂饲料的时候,最好是用冷冻饲料比较好。因为这种饲料可以保持比较好的体形。如果一直用人工饲料的话,它会变非常的胖,而且不能保持美丽的身材。冷冻丰年虾、切成小块的鱼肉等都可以适量投喂。不同于一般的Nimbochromis属慈鲷,多斑点鯛有非常大的嘴。他们能够吞下各种能含到嘴里的东西,然后慢慢的咀嚼。雄鱼的领地意识非常的强。除了1000公升以上的非常大的鱼缸以外,如果在普通鱼缸里饲养的话,饲养者需要避免2条以上的同种雄鱼混养。否则强健的雄鱼一般会杀掉另外的雄鱼。平时他们并没有那么凶暴,但在发情的时候会凶性大发。在这一时期即便是2.8米的水族箱也不能算是大鱼缸!