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Julidochromis dickfeldi

Julidochromis dickfeldi
Dickfeld's Julie
Julidochromis dickfeldi was first typed by Dr. Wolfgang Staeck in 1975. This slender, African fish native to the southwestern area of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. This attractive fish is a secretive cave spawner with interesting brood care. The parents will raise several generations of babies together and are great Moms and Dads.
It's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish the sexes of this fish. I believe, and a number of sources confirm, that the females are generally the larger fish.
Julidochromis dickfeldi don't get very big, only about 3 inches or so, so you could consider this a dwarf cichlid. They are well suited to smaller tanks because they maintain rather small territories. This is an attractive cichlid that is well worth trying!
Males are generally quite a bit larger than the females and a bit more brightly colored.