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Dimidiochromis compressiceps

Dimidiochromis compressiceps
Malawi Eye Biter
Malawi Eyebiter (Dimidiochromis compressiceps) is a species of fish in the Cichlidae family. It is found in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. It is endemic to Lake Malawi, east Africa.
The common name refers to the fact that they have been known to remove (and presumably eat) the eyes of other fishes. No doubt they do, but such events appear to be fortuitous during attacks on large prey fish, and nothing to do with their main diet. The species is an ambush predator in the wild; they are piscivorous by nature, generally eating small fish whole.
The males of this species exhibit a dazzling metallic blue hue and can attain lengths of up to 12 inches whilst the females are a drab silver and only grow to approximately 2/3 the length of males.
In the aquarium they usually prefer to swim out in the open unlike the more common "Mbuna"(rock dwellers). They can become quite aggressive during spawning, vigorously defending their spawning site from all intruders. A single male should be kept in a harem style environment with multiple females as this diverts his aggression towards any particular female.
In aquarium they should be housed in at least 100 gallon tank as they tend to grow to a large size. Also, any fish that is smaller in size and of lesser aggression should be avoided as they may be eaten. This species can also exhibit some aggressive behavior towards other similarly colored species. As with all cichlids of lake Malawi, they prefer hard, alkaline water.

鱼类名称。以" 马拉维Eye-Biter"闻名, 它是很大并且使人印象深刻的开放性水域的掠食性动物。这种鱼经常在四处寻觅, 因此不是区域性的, 除非准备产卵。D. compressiceps 在外表上, 它是典型的银白色的面上有单一的棕色的水平的条纹。雄鱼性成熟后颜色就展现出来:电蓝色与萤光橘红色在它们的尾鳍上。这是一条相当特别鱼它的下颌接近它总身体长度的1/3。有这张巨大的嘴, D. compressiceps的雌鱼能够同时繁殖250多个鱼苗!
 Dimidiochromis compressiceps, 名字从它压缩的身体来的, 它的优势在于用它的极狭窄的身体埋伏捕食。它利用它的头的下方捕食, 用它的狭窄身体朝向猎物以便使它的可见性减到最小。D. compressiceps 对猎物经常是残暴的, 捉住, 致残, 然后致死。这种鱼是难以置信地快而且能转动它的闪光的长身体。它们更喜欢开放水域,并且喜欢在水族箱的顶部停留, 大概因为它更多的是想在开放没有岩石和植物妨害的地方生活。