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Synodontis flavitaeniata

Synodontis flavitaeniata
Pajamas Synodontis
Also known as the Orange Striped Squeaker, in our opinion this fish is one of the most attractively patterned Synos. Synodontis flavitaeniata can vary considerably in patterning and colouration but is difficult to misidentify. 
This fish is more sensitive to deteriorating water quality than many Syno species so aquarium maintenance must be rigorous. When it was first imported 25 or so years ago it commanded an extortionate price but thankfully is affordable today.
Its flexibility with regards to water parameters; its maximum size and its unique patterning make this Synodontis a very attractive proposition for any mature, well-maintained aquarium. 
The Pyjama Synodontis is one of only 3 members of the genus to exhibit filamentous maxillary (outer) barbels, the others being S. decora and S. clarias.