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Synodontis decora

Synodontis decora
Clown Synodontis
Synodontis decora is a species of fish in the family Mochokidae of the order Siluriformes. Common names include Clown catfish, Clown Syno, Clown Squeaker, and Barredtail Squeaker. This gentle giant can be a great addition to any aquarium.
The Synodontis decora can be found anywhere in the Congo basin except the Luapula River system. This is one of the many interesting Synodontis species found in Malebo Pool
The unusual trait of this Synodontis is the long extension of the dorsal fin which can reach as far back as its caudal fin and along with its attractive body colouration makes it one of the most popular catfish of the genus, Synodontis. The head and body are compressed. It has three pairs of barbells, maxillary barbells with a small membrane at the base and small slender ramifications larger than on maxillary barbells.
S. decora generally likes to hide in rocks, caves, or plastic tubing during the day. At night, it will tentatively swim about doing its business. It can be fed flakes and tablet foods supplemented occasionally with frozen food