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Synodontis angelica

Synodontis angelica
Polka Dot Synodontis
Synodontis angelica is a species of catfish of the family Mochokidae, commonly named Polka-dot African catfish (polkadot Synodontis) or Angel squeaker. It comes from Zaire and Cameroon. The polka-dot African catfish is mostly nocturnal. These catfish will excavate the substrate and may nibble plants. They can grow to 18 cm. They eat smaller live foods and prepared foods. 
A variable pattern of creamy white spots of a constant size on a chocolate brown background characterises this catfish. The spots become less pronounced and the background grayer with age.

A very nocturnal species that will be seen only infrequently during daylight hours. S. angelicus is very long-lived and can survive for over 20 years if maintained correctly. 
Synodontis angelica was much sought after when first imported and commanded a correspondingly large price. They are still relatively expensive, though prices have dropped considerably. It is quite a rare species in its native waters. 

The patterning and colour varies cosiderably, depending on type locality. Some specimens have white spotting, others yellow, and the base colour may vary from grey through to black. Other fish may even exhibit areas of barring on the body.