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Sorubim lima

Sorubim lima
Lima Shovelnose Catfish
In the aquarium you may see your Sorubim swimming in the typical vertical posture, with the head pointing downwards and caudal fin uppermost. This is thought to be a form of camouflage used for concealment when the fish is among submerged plant leaves or tangles of roots and branches, useful for stalking prey whilst evading a similar fate. When adult the fish tend to exist a more pelagic lifestyle and supposedly this behaviour becomes less apparent and the body patterning less cryptic. 
They are quite sociable as big cats go and it is possible to keep a group of these catfish in one tank. Three Lima shovelnoses would do well as a group in a large enough tank. This is especially true if all three are raised in the same tank together. Other tankmates must be chosen with great care. Large cichlids could be experimented with, but should not be aggressive species. Large plecos and other catfishes would be great tank-mates.