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Erethistes jerdoni

Erethistes jerdoni
Dwarf Moth Catfish
It is more commonly called an anchor cat, due to its ‘anchor’ like shape when viewed from above. It is a small, nocturnal catfish. In nature it sleeps under or within roots, bamboo and rock structures during the day. The color of the body varies from a mottled grey color to light brown and it has a few darker blotchy areas, especially around the head. Asian stone catfish has extremely long pectoral spines and they use their strong pectoral fin spines to lodge themselves into any nooks that they can find in the river. The fish can turn shades of brown and tan to blend in with surroundings. Good water quality and high level of dissolved oxygen is essential to keep these catfish, as they don’t tolerate well nitrate levels above 12.5 mg/l. The first indication that there is something wrong with the water is that they appear to shed their skin.

Females are a little longer, and significantly fuller than the 3 cm, very slender males. This fish has been bred in the aquarium, however only a very few details are available. For breeding, try to place 4-5 adult fish in a small aquarium and decorate it with Java moss. Condition the fish with live foods for a couple of days, and after 4 days do a 30% water cahnge. If you are lucky, the fish will deposit the small eggs in the Java moss. The fry are very tiny and only eat small live foods or liquid fish food. The fry are very delicate and require plenty of time and attention.

极为隐秘和害羞,白天躲藏起来,到晚上才会出来觅食。没有什么攻击性,和大多数鱼都能和平共处。而且性喜群居,最好养上一群。 对水质要求很高:L ,需要极为稳定的水质条件,而且要求高溶氧,对缺氧的耐受力很差!所以选用的水族箱应该要大一点,起码要10加仑以上。底床最好铺沙,其它光滑的小石砾也可以。水族箱里的植被要丰富,最好有沉木,白天它们会倒挂着藏身于沉木下面。