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Agamyxis pectinifrons

Agamyxis pectinifrons
White Spotted Doradid
The Spotted Raphael Catfish is also called the "Talking Catfish". This is because it seems to 'talk' when you take it out of the aquarium! (Actually it 'croaks' or 'clicks' faintly when it 'talks'.)
This fish is peaceful and does well in a community aquarium. Being nocturnal, the Spotted Raphael Catfish or Talking Catfish is a bit shy and will look for a nice comfortable hiding place during the day.
The Spotted Raphael Catfish, like the Striped Raphael, likes to burrow in the soft river bottom so provide a corner of fine gravel or sand. They also like some plant cover and hiding places like the hollows of roots. They will not harm plants.
It is best to catch the Spotted Raphael Catfish or Talking Catfish with a glass rather than a net as they are prone to sticking out their side spines in a very rigid manner when they are stressed. They can easily get caught in a net. Not only is it difficult on both the fish and you when you try to get them untangled, it is also a bit dangerous. A prick from the spines of this fish is quite painful!

本鱼分布于南美洲秘鲁、巴西、哥伦比亚、玻利维亚的亚马逊河流域。 本鱼体色为黑色,鱼体和鳍上遍布着白色斑点,有三对触须,从鱼体中央开始往上有几排鳞甲,在背鳍和胸鳍边缘上有锐利状尖刺。体长可达15厘米。 本鱼栖息于淡水溪流,性情温和,属杂食性,通常在夜间活动。