Peckoltia snethlageae

Peckoltia snethlageae
Tapajos White Fin Pleco (L141/L215)
L161 is perhaps the same species but comes from the Rio Xingú. There only appears to be one difference. L161 has a yellow margin of the caudal fin, L141 / L215 have a bluish white or white margin.

General Remarks The taxonomic placement of this species (indeed the group of species of which it is a member) is currently in something of a flux. While Ancistomus was recently erected to house these elongate species that demonstrate entirely different secondary sexual dimorphism and breeding behaviour from 'classic' Peckoltia, the problem exists in defining what 'classic' Peckoltia really means and indeed what it's relationship is with the other generic trash can that is Hemiancistrus. Until all this is resolved, these fish are conservatively placed in Peckoltia here although there is a strong, if poorly definsible, compulsion to put them in Hemiancistrus.