Leporacanthicus joselimai

Leporacanthicus joselimai
Sultan Pleco (L264)
Grey with black spots. Juveniles (< 9-10 cm) have white tips on their fins, which fades to yellow as the animals mature. 
Leporacanthicus species are commonly referred to as "vampire plecs". This is derived from the unique upper jaw dentition exhibited by members of this genus, unsurprisingly consisting of two large teeth or "fangs". The exact use for these is unknown, but they're probably utilised to grip prey items such as snails or other aquatic invertebrates in some way. Another feature shared by all Leporacanthicus is a small bony growth of unknown use on top of the head. This particular species is a very good looking fish, particularly when young when it has striking white fin tips. Unfortunately these fade as the fish grows and often disappear completely.