Dekeyseria brachyura

Dekeyseria brachyura
Butterfly Pleco (L168)
This catfish is a master of disguise. It can change colouration, chameleon-style, quickly. If kept on a black or very dark substrate is will go almost black. Kept on a lighter substrate it will show a pretty striped pattern during the day. Another reason for misidentification of this fish is that its night-time colouration is totally different from that it has during the day.

Similar to L052 but in D. brachyura the stripes are more clearly separated. The ground colour of D. brachyura is more orange when you compare them directly.

This species can be found in many hobbyist books under its old name of Peckoltia pulcher. More recently it was moved by Isbrucker et al into their new flounder pleco genus Zonancistrus. However, prevailing scientific usage appears to be with the use of Dekeyseria. Given they were described from the same river system and also given the fishes ability to change its appearance, it is quite possible that D. pulcher is not a distinct species and is actually a junior synonym of D. brachyura. The specific name also sometime appears incorrectly as brachurus.