Corydoras julii

Corydoras julii
Julii Corycat
Corydoras julii (also known as the Julii Cory or Leopard Catfish) is a member of the Corydoras family. Corys are small, bottom dwelling scavenger catfish that are loved by aquarium keepers for their looks, personalities, and bottom cleaning skills. julii Corys are peaceful fish and will do well in a community aquarium with other community fish. They need to be in groups or "shoals" of four or more of the same species as they like to swim in schools and stay together mostly all the time. Julii Corys are one of the most commonly sold corys because of their beautifully patterned bodies. Their flesh is a whitish gray almost transparent color with small, striking black striped and spots all over. You can tell a Julii Cory apart from other striped corys because of the large horizontal stripe that runs through along their side, the dark black spot on their top fin. They grow to about 2.5 inches, making them a smaller member of the cory family. Julii Corys are scavengers and omnivores that will eat food that sinks to the bottom of the tank. They should be given high quality sinking pellets to ensure proper nutrition but will also eat flake food that falls to the bottom. Blood worms and brine shrimp should be given as a treat.