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Betta taeniata

Betta taeniata
Borneo Betta
Betta taeniata is included in the Betta picta complex of closely-related species, an assemblage which also includes B. falx , B. pallida, B. simplex and of course B. picta . These can be tricky to tell apart, as all can appear superficially similar at first glance. In their 2005 paper covering the Betta species of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Tan and Ng described the species' unique combination of characters within the B. picta group thus: 

"anal-fin rays 23-26 (mode 26); subdorsal scales 5-6 (mode 6); lateral scales 27.5-30 (mode 29); caudal peduncle depth 14.8-19.7% SL; head length 30.3-34.5% SL; body depth at dorsal-fin origin 25.3-30.1% SL; length of anal-fin base 47.9-52.7% SL; interorbital width 29.2-36.2% HL." 

Taeniata is larger and its stripes are more predominant.