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Betta patoti

Betta patoti
Zebra Betta
This large, mouthbrooding, peach-colored, tiger-striped betta may well be the ideal species for the dedicated wild betta fan looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

One of the most stunning, impressive, and interesting members of the “wild bettas” group is the tiger betta Betta patoti. This mouthbrooding betta hails from Western Borneo and Palau Laut Island in Southeast Asia and was once commonly called the black betta—quite an unusual moniker for a fish that is normally a peachy-orange color! It got its original common name of “black” betta due to the fact that preserved members of this species are uniformly black when in formaldehyde. However, “tiger” suits the species much better, as when they are in good condition the base color is complimented with dark tiger-stripe bars on the flanks. This fish really can show off its beauty in sunlight when it frequently shows iridescence of green, blue, and purple hues.

Betta patoti was described as a species in 1992 by Weber and De Beufort and named after W. J. Tissot van Patot, who apparently sent fish to the authors. The species has been placed into the unimaculata complex with well-known species such as Betta unimaculata (which patoti was once thought to be synonymous with)and the “Brunei beauty” Betta macrostoma.The most recent additions to the complex include Betta ideii and Betta compuncta, which were only described in 2006.