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Betta pallifina

Betta pallifina
Emerald Betta
Betta pallifina is a species of fish in the Osphronemidae family (or Belontiidae according to some authors). It is endemic to Indonesia. This fish was described in 2005. Their adult size is up to 4 inches (10 centimeters). Coloring is very vivid, especially in the males. They are a tan/brown, with green and blue iridescence, especially in the males. Adult males' gill plates are adorned with metallic scales that range from sky blue to gold, depending on the lighting. They have a black spot on the base of their caudal fins These fish can be found in the upper Barito River in Borneo.
Betta pallifina are relatively undemanding when it comes to care of bettas. They tolerate harder water conditions than most of their relatives. They adapt quickly to life in captivity. They should be kept in species-only tanks; one pair can comfortably occupy a 24 inch tank (60 centimeters), while two pairs should be kept in a 30 inch tank (75 centimeters). The tank should have many hiding places, plants, and driftwood. pH should be kept in the range of 6.6-7.4, though a level that is under or over this is fine if kept stable. Feeding is easy, as they will readily take most foods offered. As for any fish, it is recommended that the tank is cycled to prevent ammonia or nitrites from harming the fish. Water current caused by a filter does not cause problems with Betta pallifina, since they come from forest streams and can handle current better than most bettas.