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Betta ocellata

Betta ocellata
Eye Spot Betta
This species is rare in the hobby and usually commands high prices when available. It is included in the Betta unimaculata complex of closely-related congeners, an assemblage which currently includes B. patoti, Betta ocellata, B. gladiator, B. ideii , B. macrostoma , B. pallifina , B. compuncta and of course B. unimaculata . Some members of this group can be easily confused at first glance as they appear superficially similar. For example the blue/green form of Betta ocellata is often mistaken for B. unimaculata but that species is only known from a couple of virtually inaccessible locations in the Indonesian province of Kalimantan Timur (East Kalimantan) and is exceptionally rare in the hobby. 

In their 2005 paper covering the Betta species of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Tan and Ng described Betta ocellata's unique combination of characters within the group as follows: "distinct black spot near caudal peduncle; body brownish; opercle blue; uniform caudal fin coloration; vertebrae 33-34 (mode 33); anal-fin rays 30-31 (mode 30); dorsal-fin rays 8; pectoral fin rays 12-13 (mode 13); subdorsal scales 5-5 1/2 (mode 5 1/2); lateral scales 32-34 (mode 33); predorsal scales 24; predorsal length 68.8-71.9% SL; head length 31.4-33.3% SL; length of anal-fin base 52.2-54.5% SL; length of dorsal-fin base 10.5-11.3% SL; lower jaw length 27.3-33.1% HL."