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Betta antoni

Betta antoni
Antony's Betta
This species was known as Betta sp. 'Sanggau' in the hobby for a number of years before its formal description in 2006. It is included in the Betta akarensis complex of closely-related species, an assemblage which also currently includes B. akarensis , B. aurigans, B. balunga, B. chini, B. ibanorum , B. pinguis and B. obscura. These can be easily confused and the collection locality is often the most valuable factor when attempting to identify them. Tan and Ng list the species´defining characteristics as follows: 

"blue iridescence on body scales when live; distinct black lower lip with black chin bar; slimmest body (body depth at dorsal-fin origin 20.6-22.9% SL, height at pectoral-fin origin 12.8-15.5% SL); 23-24 predorsal scales; 31-33 lateral scales; and 25-27 anal fin rays."