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Puntius rhomboocellatus

Puntius rhomboocellatus
Rhomb Barb
The Puntius rhomboocellatus originates from Indonesian blackwaters, does not fare well in harder water. they are a spectacular addition to the softwater planted aquarium, where they will move through the shadier areas in their large shoals (6 or more specimens are essential). Excellent water quality is a must when maintaining this species as any deterioration in conditions could very easily lead to the onset of velvet or whitespot - diseases which these fish are prone to in less-than-ideal conditions. they are quite shy, and although they may bicker amongst themselves from time to time, they are peaceful with other short-finned fish species. They should only be housed with fishes of a similar size and nature that enjoy the same water conditions.

菱斑倒钩, 也称橘色潜水艇鲫 主要活动于溪流、河川、沟渠等水域的中下层,于原栖息地时主要以浮游生物、水中植物脆屑、昆虫、蠕虫及小型甲壳类为食,个性相当温和,且显得较为胆小,不过一旦适应环境后,将会变为较大胆,而在索饵时的十分冲劲,反倒会让其它同居的鱼大吃一惊。他们的身体特征明白道出;他们菊红色的体色在饲育环境良好且细心照顾下时,便会显得更加鲜艳。