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Puntius lineatus

Puntius lineatus
Lined Barb
线纹倒钩 (五画)
Puntius lineatus, better known as Striped Barb, is an Asian freshwater species distributed in Malaysia and Indonesia, particularly in swamps, submerged grasses and in clear, black waters.

This egg-scattering species has very similar breeding requirements to Puntius lateristriga. It can be spawned in a group or in pairs. You should condition the adults with live foods and move a male and a female to a separate, dimly lit breeding tank if choosing to spawn in pairs. It might be a good idea to cover the base of the tank with mesh; the eggs will fall through the mesh and therefore cannibalisation can be avoided. Another option is to put Java moss plants or spawning mops in your tank to give the fish a spot to deposit the eggs. The fry will probably hatch in 24 – 48 hours and the fry, which will be free swimming 24 hours later, can be fed on Infusoria before moving on to microworm or nauplii.
You should tank a small group of Puntius lineatus in at least a 70 litre tank. will need a well-oxygenated tank, dim lighting, bogwood, roots and surface vegetation to simulate its natural environment. Include a gravel or sand substrate。

线纹倒钩, 身體上的黑線為其特徵,幼魚時紋路為橫的,成魚條紋消失不明顯的,容易誤認為兩種魚,身體強狀容易飼養,然對水質快速變化的適應力差。適合弱酸性軟水。餵食活餌、人工餌皆可。