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Puntius filamentosus

Puntius filamentosus
Black Spot Filament Barb
Puntius filamentosus is a species of barb. Young fish have barely any color and black spots. They start having more color at three months old. The fish is a swift swimmer. Males are larger than females and they fertilize eggs by swimming into the cloud of eggs. The species is most commonly found in coastal floodplains near the Southwest Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The species' common names are filament barb and blackspot barb.

皇冠紫红两点倒钩, 成鱼与其他东南亚Puntius属最大的不同在于: 雄性成鱼的背鳍鳍条分枝,延长像丝状突起;另外在尾鳍两尖端各有一黑色的斑纹,大约等宽于眼。在臀鳍开始起点后面2-5个鳞片上,有一个水滴形的斑点,在臀鳍开始起点前面身体上的斑纹无或不明显。下唇连续。与P. assimilis不同的是具有subterminal mouth(P. assimilis是Inferior mouth)。野外出现于清澈溪流,湖泊与池塘中。栖息于低地河流以及河口,水库与湿地。