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Puntius everetti

Puntius everetti
Clown Barb
Puntius everetti, commonly known as Clown Barb, is an Asian freshwater species found in Borneo and Sumatra. It is distributed through clear, slow-moving waters, in forest streams, in quiet shore areas and mostly in shallow waters. Puntius everetti can reach a maximum length of 15 cm. This handsome species has a red-gold sheen, red fins and spotted bands, giving it its “clownish” appearance. It may have some red in its irises. Males are slimmer and more brightly coloured; females will get a plumper belly when spawning. The Clown Barb can live from 5 – 8 years.

皇冠无须魮,为辐鳍鱼纲鲤形目鲤科的其中一个种, 鱼鱼体的底色是金棕红色,渐至腹部呈银白色。侧面有几块间距均匀的黑白斑块,雌鱼体侧高。体长可达15公分, 本鱼栖息在清澈、流速快的溪流中,属杂食性,以植物、甲壳类及蠕虫等为食