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Puntius erythromycter

Puntius erythromycter
Red Lipstick Barb
This beautiful species first appeared in the trade in 2006 and is sometimes sold under the name "Tulip barb". It was officially described by Sven Kullander in early 2008 in a paper describing five new Puntius species from Kachin. All of these are superficially similar in that they possess a dark band or blotch on the caudal peduncle but P. erythromycter was said to be characterised by: 

"a small size (to 33.1mm SL), a dark band around the caudal peduncle, an abbreviated lateral line, males with reddish snout beset by tubercules, and absence of barbels." 

The presence of tubercules on the snout is particularly interesting as it is not usually a feature among small species of Puntius. The species was also referred to the Puntius conchonius 'group' of closely-related species as defined by Taki (1978). Members are characterised by "small adult size, fused and broad interorbital 3 + 4, well-developed lateral folds on snout, absence of rostral barbels, minute or absent maxillary barbels, osseous and serrated last unbranched dorsal fin ray, often abbreviated lateral line, a color pattern including a blotch anteriorly on the side (absent in P. conchonius and a blotch on the caudal peduncle, and a broad pharyngeal bone characterized by pointed dorsal tip, spaced moderate-sized teeth and absence of dorsal angle"