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Puntius denisonii

Puntius denisonii
Denisoni Barb
The Puntius denisonii (Denison's barb, Red line torpedo barb, Roseline shark or Bleeding eye barb) colloquially and more popularly referred to as Miss Kerala is a Subtropical fish belonging to the Puntius (Barb) genus in the Cyprinidae (Minnow) family. It is endemic to the fast- flowing hill streams and rivers of the state of Kerala and South Karnataka in South India. They prefer a water temperature range of 20-25 degree Celsius and almost certainly live for over 8 years.The fish is characterized by a torpedo-shaped body with silver scales, a red line running from their snout, through the eye, back towards the middle of the body; and below the red line, a black line that runs the length of the fish to the tail. As they mature, a distinctive green/blue marking on top of the head develops. The fish attains a maximum length of 15 cm (6 in). They are active schooling fishes.Denison's Barb or Red line torpedo barb is endemic and exclusive to the Achenkovil and Chaliyar rivers. Specifically, they are found in four locations- Cheenkannipuzha (a major tributary of Velapattanam River), the Achankovil river, the Chaliyar river and near Mundakayam town. The species has an estimated range of 8'805 sq. km. P. denisonii is a benthopelagic species that is gregarious and shoals are known to occur in rocky pools with thick vegetation along their banks. They thrive in a subtropical climate in water with a 6.8–7.8 pH, a water hardness of 5–25 dGH and a temperature range of 20–25 °C

主要分布在亚洲印度南部的狭窄区域,个体天生胆小,群游性强,喜欢在日间活动,日常食谱相当广阔,几乎一点都不挑食。 即使在原产地也因为人口的增加和环境的污染而导致数目稀少。

Max. Size (最大大小) 14 - 15 cm
pH 6.8 - 7.8
Temp. (水温) 20 - 25 degrees celsius
Water Hardness (水的硬度) 5 - 25 dH
Salinity (盐度)  
Stocking Ratio (放养比例) 1 Male:2 Female, (1雄:2雌)
Diet (饮食) Omnivorous (杂食性)
Life Span (寿命) 5 - 8 years , (5 - 8年)
Can be tricky to sex correctly but sexually mature females tend to be more robust and rounder bellied than the noticeably slimmer males.
性别鉴定 雄鱼体型较薄,颜色较深。
Origin Endemic to parts of western India. It's been collected from the rivers Chaliar, Chalakkudipuzha and Kallada, the wildlife sanctuaries of Aralam and Periyar and in Kallada, Mundakayam and Travancore. Most of the ones seen in the trade today originate from the Khozikhode ("Calicut" in English) province of Kerala.
起源地 分布在亚洲印度南部的狭窄区域
Tank Compatibility/
Environment Specifications
A shoaling fish that may be nippy and aggressive if kept in too small a group, keep a minimum of 6 individuals. They should be kept with other similar fish which appreciate similar conditions such as Danios.
This fish prefers a well oxygenated and mature tank with some current. They do best with a sand or small gravel substrate, light planting and hiding places in bogwood. They prefer cooler temperatures than other "tropical" fish.
Diet/Feeding Regime Not a picky eater, but does better on live foods such as bloodworm and brine shrimp.. Feed once or twice a day.
饮食饲喂制度 不挑食,可喂于活体、干燥饲料、薄片等. 每天一次到二次.