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Puntius conchonius

Puntius conchonius
Rosy Barb

Red Rosy Barb
Long Fin Red Rosy Barb
Neon Rosy Barb

Long Fin Neon Rosy Barb

Yellow Rosy Barb

The rosy barb (Puntius conchonius) is a subtropical freshwater fish belonging to the minnow family (Cyprinidae). It originates in Bengal, India and other parts of Southeast Asia. This pinkish fish is one of the larger species of Barbs growing up to 6 inches in length. Their color becomes bolder during their mating periods. The male has a brighter pinkish color and the female is slightly plumper. Also note that females do not have any reddish color in their fins while males do. They may weigh up to 12 oz when fully grown but can weigh much less during adolescence. They are mature at 2.5 inches. The rosy barb is an active, peaceful species well-suited for a community aquarium. It is considered one of the hardiest barbs, undemanding and beautiful, and most impressively colored during the mating period. It can be kept together with other small fish but can be aggressive toward other fish and nip their fins. They will eat most foods provided to them. They are best kept in groups of 5 or more in an aquarium with a length of at least 30 inches. They usually reach a maximum size of four inches. Using a dark-colored gravel will show off the color of the fish.

玫瑰倒钩, 鱼体纺锤形,野生条件下可达14-15厘米。侧扁,尾鳍呈叉状。幼鱼体上泛银白色,随着成长,背部为银白色,其余部分均为红、黄、绿色相间,在阳光照射之下,闪闪发亮。后身有一黑圆斑,背鳍上也有黑斑。繁殖期间出现婚姻色,雄鱼全身呈玫瑰红色,鲜艳美丽。有长尾与短尾两个品种,由于其性情温和,颜色艳丽,历来享有热带金鱼之美称。