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Puntius arulius

Puntius arulius
Arulius Barb
The Arulius Barb (Puntius arulius) is a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the Puntius genus in the family (Cyprinidae). It is native to the Tambraparni River Kaveri River basin of south east India. Other common names include Tamiraparani Barb, Silas Barb
Adult fish are dark brownish olive on the back, becoming lighter on the sides to white on the ventral surface. It has a black, vertical blotch in the middle of its body, above the origin of its pelvic fin. It has a second black, vertical blotch above its anal fin, and a third black bar or blotch on the base of the caudal fin, though less well defined as the other two blotches. The fins are thin and transparent or translucent. Adults possess more pronounced colors than the juvenile. The adult male differs from a closely related filament barb species found in Tambraparni River basin, Puntius tambraparniei, and lacks the filament-like extensions to the branched dorsal-fin rays which lend to the incorrect use of the common name, longfin barb (Puntius filamentosus). It reaches an adult size of 4.75 inches (12.0 cm).All of the known material of P. arulius is from the upper reaches of the Kaveri River basin. The only recent collections have been at Kodagu. No specimens have been found at Srirangapatna, however, despite an extensive search conducted in March, 1996. Local fishermen failed to recognize photographs of the fish or the local name mentioned by Jerdon. Its native habitat is large streams, rivers, and lakes, with a pH of 6.0 - 6.5, dH of 10, and temperature 19°C to 25°C.

三线倒钩为辐鳍鱼纲鲤形目鲤科的其中一个种。 本鱼分布于印度的考未立河流域。 体呈棕灰色,身上有三条不规则、不完整的黑色直条纹,从背部延伸到侧腹部一半的位置。背鳍基部有一小块黑斑。黑边鱼鳞遍布微小的彩虹色小点。在侧照光线下,这些小点显得非常清晰。尾鳍和臀鳍红色。体长可达12公分。本鱼栖息在河川或湖泊中,性情温和,成群出现,属杂食性,通常能够在任何硬度的水中生存,平均产仔鱼数百尾。