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Oreichthys crenuchoides

Oreichthys crenuchoides
Indian Draped Fin Barb
Oreichthys crenuchoides, is known only from the Brahmaputra River drainage in northeast India. The type locality was a river approximately 5 metres wide, with slow-moving, clear water and a muddy substrate. 
Males of the new species are territorial, at least during breeding season. They display laterally with their large dorsal fin and sometimes fight using their mouths. 
Sneaker males are also known to be present in this species – such males are smaller and resemble the females in colour and the presence of a small dorsal fin. 
However, the report that isolated sneaker males develop a normal, enlarged dorsal fin if isolated for eight weeks. 
Females are reported to swim upside down and attach eggs to the underside of the spawning substrata (leaves, roots or stones).
Oreichthys crenuchoides is distinguished from congeners by the absence of a spot or blotch on the anal fin, ½7½ scales between the pelvic-fin origin and dorsal midline, a blunt snout, a large, black blotch at the base of the caudal fin, 11–13 rows of pores on the cheek, enlarged dorsal fin in males and pharyngeal teeth in three rows (1-1-4).

霓虹蓝尾帆船倒钩 适合池塘、小型溪流等水域,属于中型的鲤科鱼,主要以蠕虫、小型水中无脊动物及动植物的碎屑为食,属于杂食性,饲育容易,但对水质激烈变化的抵抗力较低。