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Hypsibarbus wetmorei

Hypsibarbus wetmorei
Lemon Fin Barb
The Lemon Fin Barb (Hypsibarbus wetmorei) is a freshwater fish species in the minnows or carps family (family Cyprinidae) of order Cypriniformes (carps), native to the Mekong River basin and the Chao Phraya River basin in Thailand. A schooling, midwater fish found in large rivers. Peaceful, and suitable for the community tank, though perhaps not with very small fishes. Diet in the wild consists of insect larvae, algae, and general detritus. In the aquarium these fish are easy to keep omnivores.

These fish need lots of swimming space, and given their size, a large aquarium is a must. They are also very skilled jumpers, and are therefore not suitable for uncovered tanks.