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Eirmotus octozona

Eirmotus octozona
Eight Banded Glass Barb
This species will thrive in a heavily-planted arrangement as the multitude of hiding places will provide it with the sense of security it needs in order to display natural behaviour. It will also appreciate the dimly-lit conditions towards the bottom of the tank where it will spend most of its time. It is also proven to do well in a set-up designed to resemble a flowing stream with a substrate of variably-sized rocks and gravel, large water-worn boulders and driftwood branches. While the vast majority of plant species will fail to thrive in such conditions hardy types such as Java fern, Bolbitis or Anubias can be grown attached to the decor. A rivertank manifold could also be constructed to provide naturalistic unidirectional flow. 

Eirmotus species can be a little tricky to acclimatise to aquarium life and seem to be rather sensitive to swings in water chemistry. As a result this fish should not be introduced to biologically immature aquaria and small, regular water changes of around 10% tank volume are the ideal in terms of maintenance.

八间玻璃倒钩栖息于溪流、沟渠中的中层水域,而摄食时则会以下层水域为主要活动范围,平时以昆虫、蠕虫及小型甲壳类为食,同时对植物性的饵料也有相当的兴趣。 八间玻璃倒钩的透明体色上有着八条明显的黑色纵线,还散布着一些细小的黑点,基本上它们的个性相当羞怯,因此饲育于人为环境时,必需考虑到混养的鱼只不可太过粗暴,投喂饵料的时候,也必须确定它们有吃饱,否则在吃不到饵料之余,水族箱的水草,便有可能被当替代品啃食;而在水族箱布置造景时,可以叶片较大的水草布置出,具有隐敝处的造景。