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Barbus fasciolatus

Barbus fasciolatus
African Banded Barb
The African Banded Barb (Barbus fasciolatus) is a ray-finned fish species in the family Cyprinidae.
It is found mainly in Angola and Zambia, extending into neighboring Botswana, the Democractic Republic of the Congo, Namibia and Zimbabwe.
Its natural habitat are the upper and middle Zambezi River, the Cunene and Kafue Rivers, the Luapula River and Lake Mweru, the Okavango River, Lake Kariba, and the Zambian Congo River, as well as some of their tributaries

Max. Size (最大大小) 5 - 6 cm
pH 6.0 - 6.5
Temp. (水温) 22 - 26 degrees celsius
Water Hardness (水的硬度) 5 - 12 dH
Salinity (盐度)  
Stocking Ratio (放养比例) 1 Male:2 Female, (1雄:2雌)
Diet (饮食) Omnivorous (杂食性)
Life Span (寿命) 3 - 5 years , (3 - 5年)
Males will have more vibrant colouration when displaying to females.
性别鉴定 雄鱼颜色较深。
Origin Found throughout the Zambezi river system, the Cunene and Kafue Rivers, Luapula-Mweru system. Also known from the Okavango and Zambian Congo systems, and Lake Kariba
起源地 非洲
Tank Compatibility/
Environment Specifications
A reasonably peaceful fish, but do not keep with delicate or shy tank mates as these fish can become boisterous during spawning. Do not keep with long-finned or slow-moving fish as they run the risk of being nipped. Do not keep with larger predatory fish.
Appreciates a spacious aquarium with equal open swimming space and hiding places. Does best in soft acidic water the addition of oak leaves or blackwater extract which introduces tannins, it is said this may further enhance their natural colouration.
Diet/Feeding Regime Will accept most foods, but prefers live/frozen foods such as bloodworm, which is said to enhance their colouration.. Once to two times daily.
饮食饲喂制度  杂食性;这种鱼无所不吃,喜食活饵、薄片饲料和水草. 每天一次到二次.