Company Profile

Green Park is a professional keeper of aquarium fish bred in Asia and collected from the world. We established since 1987 located in Singapore, initially breeding live bearers such as Pterophyllum scalare, Poecilia sphenops, Poecilia reticulata, Colisa lalia etc. Now, we supply over 600 species and 1000 over variants of fish to our clients.
We specialised as a breeder for aquarium fish. it is one of the largest aquarium fish facility in Singapore over a land mass of 4 hectares. Such is the scale of a dedicated pioneer tropical fish breeder with large selection of aquarium fish. GP was able to become one of the leading wholesaler for dealers.

Over time, we received numerous commendations in quality of the fishes being breed in the farm. GP was able to gain worldwide recognition. They are able to set new bars for the international market, and bringing in their years of expertise supplying quality fish to overseas importers.

At the same time, GP wanted to cultivate customers of how to upkeep their fishes and decided to recommend other fish products such as marine livestocks, aquatic plants, fish supplement, water conditioners and fish feeds.